4 months

4 months

Today my maşallah sweet daughter is 4 months old. She starts to become a human with a mind and a will of her own. She’s now 17 weeks old. I calculated that I have changed almost 850 diapers (yes me because my husband took one look and said that’s not my job).   That’s around and about 15 packages. Which means we must have used around and about 1600 wet wipes 16 packages of those. If you look at the numbers like that it sure is a lot.
She can roll from her tummy to her back.  The other way around is still too hard. I often put her on her tummy. She loves that.  She tries to move to the front and she sometimes even manages to do so although it’s mostly by making a caterpillar movement. Most of the times she makes circles. She gets frustrated a lot, but she keeps on trying (just like her mom).
She likes sitting up on my of her daddies tummy discovering her hands and feet.   Talking of her daddy, she absolutely loves him. He throws her high into the sky (well that’s my perspective in reality she hardly leaves his hands) and does more acrobatic tricks with her.
She loves to talk to us goegoegaga all day long. Sleeping is not something she likes to do.
I got a lot of messages on the big language issue. So in short when I’m alone with her I talk Dutch.  I also  read Dutch stories and sing Dutch songs to her. When I’m together with my husband I do all that in English, while he speaks Turkish to her. I hardly ever speak Turkish.
So in short she’s doing great. We love her to pieces.

31 things questions part 2 (7-11)

31 things questions part 2 (7-11)


So up to the next part of the 31 questions…

7.  10 favorite foods

  1. Mati
  2. Tuna patties
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Lasagna
  5. Yaglamasi
  6. Icli kofte
  7. Vol-au-vent
  8. Brussels sprouts
  9. Belgian endive 
  10. Kibbeling

8. Old photo of me

This one is really old and I have changed a lot since then btw I’m the one with the glasses



9. Piercings or tattoos

Don’t ask don’t tell.  I cover my body so I’m not going to share if I have or haven’t piercings or tattoos that just seems wrong. I cover so I don’t want to describe my body to anybody.  So maybe I have maybe I haven’t you will never know.

10. First celebrity crush

I never really had a celebrity crush.  Of course I liked actors, singers, boy bands and rock bands, but to really say I had a crush no not really.   I always had a very eclectic taste in music (and movies as well for that matter).  I liked take that but also guns and roses. I liked metallica but also tlc.  I could go on for a while like this, but in short I  liked a lot of bands, but I never really had a celebrity crush.

11. Most proud moment

Well the birth of my daughter for sure.

Ramadan evaluation

Ramadan evaluation

Well we’re entering the last 10 days of ramadan so time to evaluate.   How is it going? To be honest not good. I can hear you think: how is that possible? You’re not even fasting.  Well no I’m not due to breastfeeding, but I really miss fasting.  I miss the sahur meals at night. I miss the feeling of all fasting together.  I miss meeting friends for iftar. I didn’t have any nice iftar till now. I try do do my reading and learning surah and read quran, but with a baby around that’s not always possible. In short I miss that ramadan feeling.  Inşallah I will be able to fast again next year, because this is the hardest and loneliest ramadan I had since I became a muslim.

My baby and I #2

My baby and I #2

Thing I have learned or experienced….

  • Baby clothes have way too many buttons.  Like seriously sometimes it’s a real puzzle to figure out where everything goes.
  • Laundry so much laundry. The baby is tiny, but boy oh boy  she sure makes a lot of things dirty.  Not only her clothes, but also my clothes, bibs,cloths etc
  • Cloths are your friend so are small towels and bibs.  I have always a piece of cloth over my shoulder to burp the baby.  It helps you to avoid more laundry.
  • Baby powder can be used on a lot of locations not only your baby’s bum.  I now use it under my daughter’s chin to avoid moisture there and it works.
  • Babies cry a lot, but you learn very fast what each cry means.  Sometimes it’s because they are hungry,  they have a  dirty diaper, they are tired, they are bored,…. and sometimes it is just for no reason other then wanting  their mommy so that they can cuddle and be close to them. You learn to recognise the different sounds and you will know what to do and what is more fun than cuddling with your sweet baby.
  • It’s normal to go check on your sleeping baby to see if she’s still breathing.  Okay  I’m lying maybe it’s not normal, but if you’re like me a new mom who’s a bit insecure then it’s normal and it doesn’t hurt anyone in any case (unless you wake her up then you mostly hurt yourself lol)
Ramadan is here again

Ramadan is here again


It’s that time of year again.  Our beloved month of ramadan has started.  This year it’s a different for me.  I will not participate in the fasting since I’m breastfeeding a very hungry little baby and so I’m excused from fasting. However Ramadan is much more than just fasting.  It is also a month full of spiritual growth  and that’s exactly where my focus will be this year.   Like every year I have set myself some ramadan goals:

  • Reviewing the surah that I already know
  • Learning some new surah
  • Learn Ayat al kursi
  • Be more punctual with my prayers
  • Reading a few islamic books
  • Avoid or at least reduce useless television series
  • Work on my character try to have more patience for one
  • Taking better care of my husband
  • Preparing iftar meals (breaking of the fasting) without help of my husband
  • Preparing sahur (meal before starting fasting) for my husband even  though I’m not fasting

Last year learning new surah and learning ayat el kursi hmmm well I failed miserably, but I found online the recitations done by my favorite reciter and I’m planning on playing them daily while reading the surah so they will hopefully stick better. Last year the fasting went great but I was really tired and didn’t have any energy to do more than just prepare some of the iftars.  I much later found out that I was pregnant so I wasn’t even obligated to fast.

Are you participating this year and if so what are your goals?

picture credit: http://www.eidmubarakstatus.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Ramadan-Mubarak-2016.png

31 things questions part 1 (1-6)

31 things questions part 1 (1-6)



Introduction hmmm I’m pretty sure they want me to introduce myself, but since I’m going to put a lot of things about me in these posts let’s just introduce the topic shall we?  So this topic is based on a topic we have in one of the facebook groups I participate in. Since 31 questions is a bit much to do in one go I’m going to do 5 at a time wel 6 today since 31 can’t be divided by 5.

2. 20 facts about me

  1. Born 2/7/1980 so almost 36 years old
  2. Born and raised in Londerzeel Belgium
  3. 1 sister
  4. Brunette
  5. Wears glasses
  6. Overweight but working on it
  7. Bachelor ICT
  8. Living in Turkey
  9. Married to Mustafa
  10. Daughter Ayse Nur
  11. Dual citizenship Belgian and Turkish
  12. Muslim by choice (Revert)
  13. Birth name Els became Emine later
  14. Wearing hijab also by choice
  15. Love teaching
  16. Favorite color depends on my mood but in general fuchsia or blue (hard to choose )
  17. Hate gossip girls not the series just women who don’t seem to do anything else but gossip
  18. Dream of writing a book one day
  19. Want to learn how to do ebru
  20. Find it very hard to list 20 facts of myself

3.Meaning of my business islamic name

I don’t have a business name, but Emine is my islamic name so let’s go with that.  If we look in Wikipedia. We can see as meanings: (1) one whom you can trust and believe in; (2) one who is benign and innocuous, and (3) one who is fearless and courageous, but for me the most important part is not mentioned:  Emine or Aminah  was the mother of our beloved Prophet (pbuh).  Why Emine?  Well I choice Omera at first then someone said that it should be Amira which means princess so I went with that.  When I got married they wrote down that I’m a christian since I didn’t have a certificate of the müftülüğü to proof that I was a muslim.  So I went to the müftülüğü and they said we can’t do Amira but you can be Emire.  Later I met a hoca who said Emire is not a good name for you,you should be called Amine or Emine.  So that’s  my name now 🙂

4. Earliest childhood memory

Hmmm hard one I think that’s my sister being born well not the birth itself but more her coming into my life although I can’t really remember a lot.

5. My guilty pleasure

That would be being alone.  Although I sometimes really need company I can really enjoy being on my own although that recently changed to being with my daughter and sleeping together or watching her sleep.

6. 3 personality traits I’m proud of

Now that’s really a hard one…

  • I’m brutally honest maybe too honest sometimes which can hurt people
  • I’m bubbly so lively and cheerful
  • I’m not superficial so I don’t really care about how I look.  Of course I want to look decent and neat, but I don’t do make up or I don’t have a large amount of clothes.

So this was part 1 only 4 more parts to come but when  I don’t have a clue.  


12 weeks

12 weeks

On Monday our sweet baby was exactly 12 weeks old maşallah.  She will be 3 months old on Sunday. 
Slowly I’m seeing how she’s changing.  She definitely lost that mini newborn baby vibe and is turning into her own little person. Yes she still does the baby stuff: eat, sleep, burp, throw up, fart, poop and pee, but she also starts to make noises, really discover things and look at them, trying to grab things,….
I love seeing her grow maşallah. At the same time she knows what she wants and that’s sometimes hard to find out. I hate seeing her cry, but I’m sure every mom is like that.
I see myself growing as a mom as well. Slowly I’m getting a bit more confident, although I still ask my support team advice. I love taking her out in her stroller.  We talk together in her goegoe gaga language and yes I said I would never do that. We play little games together. I sing Dutch songs to her. I can’t wait till she’s a bit older and we can play real games.